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Crazy workaholic, must stop working too hard and start drawing again >_<…

Some pictures I took...ahaha.

Too bad the only real time I have to play are on Saturdays and Sundays...
I finally got my own brand new tablet after using the Graphie2 for nearly 5 Years and what I've bought is an Intuos 3! ^o^ *dances around*

I love it. It's heavier and a little more bulky than Graphire2 but I got a few free nibs that came with it and can last me a few years. Pressure sensitivity is really really really sensitive now. I can see the difference with the strokes of before and now.

Sadly no new works. Will post something up though ;)
Apologies for the 6 junk works I've suddenly uploaded. But I feel they better be up here than stored in my HD for ages (at least it's not collecting dust ^_^;;)

I'm currently searching for hacks for my Greymatter-run junks page. I've been overun by spam bots and I'm too lazy to delete them all and put them in the ban list. I've found some but I don't feel like changing some lines....see what work has gotten into me. Hwee
And it's posted waaay back! December 31, 1969

Identify yourself, whoever bought me DA subscription!! Cuz I didn't get any e-mail about this (or so it says...). I noticed a star a few days back but I haven't been paying much attention...

Buuut thank you so much, I don't really know how to repay you back...even though it's only one month...thanks! XD

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Why is it that, when I'm at work, I wanna draw instead of work. But when I'm bored at home, I don't wanna draw/ can't draw. Blargh!

Just sent aps to join Naruto clubs XD
:icongaarafanclub: and :iconnaruto-madness:

The Gaara club still kinda small...Must spread the sand beyond the box!! (ohmigoodness that's so lame :lmao: )

~My watchlist
in my Suikoden wallpapers >_<
First off, since I'm currently using the Luc/Sasa one, I recognised my url was taciturtnity. How stupid was that :D

But next is pretty confusing. Because I'm too much of a perfectionist, I bothered about putting some good ol' Kanji in it. And what I put was 幻想水湖伝. Though the pronounciations the same, the meaning's slightly different and noticed that the actual writing is 幻想水滸伝. Darn kanji/chinese characters :D

I just fixed all those today. Good thing I still got the files. To think that they're dated back in 2003...oof!

Wallpapers fixed:
:bulletblue: Luc/Sasa
:bulletblue: Caesar Silverberg
:bulletblue: Jordi/Sgt. Joe
:bulletblue: Christmas themed Odessa

edit: Gwahaha! The kanji turned into html codes. Annoying XD
Anyways, you could see what I mean over here. Just be sure to have a japanese language support .

Edit 2: Maybe I should put this in my signature...My watchlist
Got me a job, trying hard to keep it = less time to draw. I draw lotsa trash everyday and upload them whenever I can. So visit that section of mine whenever you can :nod:
I've had this program for a while now. I never actually tried it but I hated my first doodle and refused to explore deeper into the software until now...The pressure sensitivity here can be felt *massages aching hand*.
Probably like Open Canvas, you really have to press down hard to make the line solid, like on real paper. The less the pressure, the more faint the line is. There aren't many medias to use, but they're all quite good, if not accurate. The watercolour gets me down though. That needs to be fixed! XD
There aren't any layers or eyedroppers though, which I'm very very used to abusing them a lot in Painter.
First picture with ArtRage

To try, visit their website.
Too lazy to think up a title...but
I hope my latest entry, warrior, won't be deleted...I've been trying to find the scribbles and sketches part but I couldn't find it....or maybe I need a new pair of lenses. >.<

Err..that's about it.
I'm kinda tired actually. Working on that picture made my hands sore, especially my middle finger :cry:
I gotta buy one of those soft thingies for the Tablet for comfort *cracks knuckles*
Normally I don't post my journal entries here at DA...but this time I'll try to add more entries even though I've got nothing much to talk about...

Updated my watchlist...and currently working on a monochromic picture of Gaara and the tubby Shuukaku.**shhh!!**
Shuukaku is annoying to draw even from the side view. Even the manga didn't help much as a reference *plays anime version*
My current avatar is the preview of it. Not quite finished yet. Speaking of Naruto...I can't wait for #213!!!
Still trying to finish up at least one of the pictures I agree to comission at Gaia Online a month ago. I'm getting lazy *_*
For this picture, my mom gave me good compliments for it, which she never did to my other pictures. *is glad*

And she asked me to try to do a picture of her O_o
...I suck at realism but I'll try X_X
Presents I got! =D
Gensosuikoden vocal and piano collections, Gensosuikoden III ~ Kaze No Zawameki ~  (all these are CDs), a mannequin and several watercolour brushes! XD
I'm now and then I get a little lost ^_^;;
Probably will get used to this place soon.
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